Summer Holidays at House of Vans

unnamed (4)The summer holidays are getting close – for some they’ve already started! Over at House of Vans they’ve got the holidays covered with a series of free (yes FREE!?!) events. If you don’t know your Fakie from your Goofyfoot that doesn’t matter! House of Van’s is here to teach you.

House of Van’s London has been welcoming novices and seasoned shredders (more skate speak) since opening in August 2014 and is a Hub for the UK skate scene. Open for 4 days a week, Thursday to Sunday, Vans have transformed 30,000 square feet of space in London’s Waterloo into an art gallery, cinema, live music venue and skate park all under one roof

This summer, they’re at it again offering sessions and lessons that are all free and can be found here You might have to check the link closer to the holidays to see all the sessions.

To date they’ve provided over 205 skate school sessions, which equates to a whopping 6100 people receiving free coaching equipment. Pretty sick no?

Ok I admit – I had to google all this skate speak…. and it doesn’t really work for a Gremlin (poor inexperienced skater) like me..

Kids Skate London

Its ‘also worth checking out the Little Rippers Film Club. Every Saturday and Sundays House of Vans Cinema is hosting screenings of kids film favourites, new and old. We spotted Wreck -It Ralph coming up soon – bit of a favourite here. Little Rippers (Van’s speak for little skateboarders!) can attend an hour long Skate Skool session before kicking back on a beanbag in the 100- seat screening space. While they’re chilling, parents can nab brunch and some quality time in the cafe or join the little ones for the movie.

Further information can be found here

Good luck with the alley oops!

House of Vans Cinema