What to do in Half Term

Shopping with kidsHalf term is just around the corner and we’ve been making plans to avoid many years of ending up in Smiggle or the Lego store, expensively killing time…… If you’re looking for a few last minute ideas we’ve pretty much got North South East and West covered!

First stop London and the Imagine Children’s Festival at the Southbank Centre. Every year this festival has a range of free events and this year is no different with everything from Glitterbox Face Painting to Heroes of the Imagination a series of activities to bring out your inner superhero. Even if you can’t book one of the events the Royal Festival Hall always has something going on and is a handy indoor playground at this time of year.

So what if you’re not in London (like most families in the UK…. )

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry Robots exhibition is a great family day out. The exhibition explores the full 500 years that humans have been trying to make robots. Who knew we’d been trying for so long!

Across the Pennines at the Royal Armouries Museum  in Leeds we rather love the look of the Warrior Women events! We’d like to know more about those women who fought their way in world of the Vikings and the Romans.

So maybe you’re a little more outdoorsie?  How about Lambing Live! Down between Bath and Bristol Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park have 20 ewes ready to lamb with twins and triplets!  You can go and visit the lambs and maybe even see some being born. If you are a little squeemish there are plenty of other activities indoor and outdoor.

If we haven’t quite covered your area have a look at Treasure Trails for  downloadable Spy Missions, Murder Mysteries and Treasure Hunts. They’re not too long and a fun way to explore with kids We found a Spy Mission around Brockenhurst in Hampshire and a Murder Mystery in Kendal. The maps are downloadable with free mobile phone texts for answers to clues for if you get stuck.

So with that I think we’ve got the whole country covered!

Happy holidays!