What to do in Half Term

Shopping with kidsHalf term is just around the corner and we’ve been making plans to avoid many years of ending up in Smiggle or the Lego store, expensively killing time…… If you’re looking for a few last minute ideas we’ve pretty much got North South East and West covered!

First stop London and the Imagine Children’s Festival at the Southbank Centre. Every year this festival has a range of free events and this year is no different with everything from Glitterbox Face Painting to Heroes of the Imagination a series of activities to bring out your inner superhero. Even if you can’t book one of the events the Royal Festival Hall always has something going on and is a handy indoor playground at this time of year.

So what if you’re not in London (like most families in the UK…. )

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry Robots exhibition is a great family day out. The exhibition explores the full 500 years that humans have been trying to make robots. Who knew we’d been trying for so long!

Across the Pennines at the Royal Armouries Museum  in Leeds we rather love the look of the Warrior Women events! We’d like to know more about those women who fought their way in world of the Vikings and the Romans.

So maybe you’re a little more outdoorsie?  How about Lambing Live! Down between Bath and Bristol Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park have 20 ewes ready to lamb with twins and triplets!  You can go and visit the lambs and maybe even see some being born. If you are a little squeemish there are plenty of other activities indoor and outdoor.

If we haven’t quite covered your area have a look at Treasure Trails for  downloadable Spy Missions, Murder Mysteries and Treasure Hunts. They’re not too long and a fun way to explore with kids We found a Spy Mission around Brockenhurst in Hampshire and a Murder Mystery in Kendal. The maps are downloadable with free mobile phone texts for answers to clues for if you get stuck.

So with that I think we’ve got the whole country covered!

Happy holidays!




New Collection!

Here’s a little sneaky peak of our new Moon Sweatshirt.  We previewed the collection at Bubble London last week and following on from the wonderfully positive feedback we’re going to have adult sizes too!



We’ve been asked so many times for adult sizes that I think it’s about time we bit the bullet and jumped on with it!  So here’s to a bit of twinning is winning! *runs off to chat to the supplier….. *




Gifts for Tweens

tween prints Yeah I kinda hate the phase tween but then I’m not sure how else to describe that age where they’re not quite teenagers but not into toys anymore….

So I had alittle hunt around for some gifts that will hopefully satisfy this tricky age without being too grown up. I think the key is a sense of fun without being “babyish”.

I’ve also gone for a group of gifts from independents  – it’s a tough old world out there and the big boys can do without the extra exposure! For Tweens I’d say it’s not about one thing but how you can theme gifts together.

I wouldn’t just buy a print for a tween; it definitely needs to be a part of a  present . This Dream Big print is fun enough to go into the teenage years and it’s a great positive sentiment for a young person – and it will a lovely reminder to the person that receives it. The simples black and white version is perfect for the tween and will easily fit into that move from a room full of primary colours to a more personal teen room.


Proper Post has some great stationary gifts that you can bundle together to make that little stationary addict very happy. How can any girl tween not like Rainbow Ombre Foil Washi Tape? Rainbow_Ombre_Washi_Tape

Neon Cloud Light

From cheap and cheerful to a little more pricey – but long lasting! (My measure of cost per use comes in handy here…. ) This gorgeous Neon Cloud Light by Love Inc is £195 but it lasts for 50,000 hours. So its value for money really?  On my cost per use excuse; and you can make your tween do the maths just for fun.., the cost per hour is ( errr…. oh heck… calculator help me!) 39p per hour. So its not that bad when you think of it that way….?  It’ll last them for years and as its portable it can travel with them when they head off to college!

Another room idea for a tween is a Garland. Garlands can make a bedroom more “grown up” but still fun. I love the range by Hooray Henry and this Cactus garland is a little more grown up than a string of dinosaurs! It would be great as part of a themed gift, there are so many cool cactus gifts out there.Garland Childrens room

My tween has got very into making things and kits are perfect, no dashing down to the shop to get the missing bit of kit. I love this cross stitch kit Make Today Amazing by The Make Arcade. If they get really into cross stitch you can pop back to the site when they turn 18 for the Pass the Prosecco kit!


Another great kit is a make your own bobble hat. We love a bobble hat and learning to make your own you’ll have a necessary lifetime skill.  This is a simple pattern for a beginner so any tween could tackle it. Luca_Pom_Kit_1024x1024


Summer Holidays at House of Vans

unnamed (4)The summer holidays are getting close – for some they’ve already started! Over at House of Vans they’ve got the holidays covered with a series of free (yes FREE!?!) events. If you don’t know your Fakie from your Goofyfoot that doesn’t matter! House of Van’s is here to teach you.

House of Van’s London has been welcoming novices and seasoned shredders (more skate speak) since opening in August 2014 and is a Hub for the UK skate scene. Open for 4 days a week, Thursday to Sunday, Vans have transformed 30,000 square feet of space in London’s Waterloo into an art gallery, cinema, live music venue and skate park all under one roof

This summer, they’re at it again offering sessions and lessons that are all free and can be found here www.houseofvanslondon.com/skate You might have to check the link closer to the holidays to see all the sessions.

To date they’ve provided over 205 skate school sessions, which equates to a whopping 6100 people receiving free coaching equipment. Pretty sick no?

Ok I admit – I had to google all this skate speak…. and it doesn’t really work for a Gremlin (poor inexperienced skater) like me..

Kids Skate London

Its ‘also worth checking out the Little Rippers Film Club. Every Saturday and Sundays House of Vans Cinema is hosting screenings of kids film favourites, new and old. We spotted Wreck -It Ralph coming up soon – bit of a favourite here. Little Rippers (Van’s speak for little skateboarders!) can attend an hour long Skate Skool session before kicking back on a beanbag in the 100- seat screening space. While they’re chilling, parents can nab brunch and some quality time in the cafe or join the little ones for the movie.

Further information can be found here http://houseofvanslondon.com/film

Good luck with the alley oops!

House of Vans Cinema


Inflatable Fun!

Who doesn’t love an inflatable toy? We sadly popped our inflatable dolphin last year so we’ve been on the hunt for a new toy. Its been a terrible task googling for the most interesting toys out there.  On a hot day all we can think about is messing about in a pool (in our case a small paddling pool) and the fun you can have with any shape or size of inflatable!  Here’s our little selection of a few of our favourites! Inflatable_Blue_Elephant_Toy

What better way to start than with a Blue Elephant! and as it turns out he’s a bit of a design classic. Originally created in 1972 by Libuše Niklová he’s come all the way from the Czech Republic and back into production. We don’t think an original from the 70’s would really survive looking this shiney! But he’s a little bargain at £13.95Pink_Rose_Gold_Inflatable_Flamingo

Like a glamrock pool god this ain’t no ordinary Flamingo – this is a Rose Gold version! He’s is a little pricey  at £58 but you could probably get two or three children on it? So its a sort of okish – think of it as a babysitter you only have to pay once.  And we think he’s definitely a he…. boy flamingos are pink too!


If you’re not a flamboyant Flamingo kind of person how about a Triceratops?  This little fella (he’s not full sized – he will fit in a suitcase) comes in at a modest £6.99. I’m pretty sure he’d be impossible to sit on in a pool but you can have fun trying! Triceratops pool buckaroo anyone? Failing that, at the end of the day he’s handy place to hang your swim things out to dry.

And what if you have a little one who’s not really up for the rough and tumble? Well Tou..can play that game… (see what we did there…. yep really ban punning) Yes a Toucan Baby Float is guaranteed to please any baby/toddler and at only £25



So speeding on. If you’re not a pool kind of person but you’ve got a taste for the classic’s in life; you’ve had your eye on a classic car but…. well… couple of issues.. The insurance is a nightmare. Its a gas guzzling ecological disaster on wheels and there’s the little snag of squeezing in children and the weekly shop. Just get a cute inflatable one instead. Hours of fun! And no people thinking you’ve bought a midlife crisis car! This Sports Car is by another Czech designer Jan Capek and races in at sporting £22.50


Talking of classics. Of course you could just go for the ultimate inflatable classic – and it just happens to be the cheapest of them all. The classic Beach Ball a snip at £2.49! Fun for all and it isn’t a disaster if you pop it! Imagine how you’d feel if you popped a £58 quid Flamingo…. deflated?!…. just a little….


Walking on Sunshine

Let the sunshine vibes brighten up your day and put a spring in little peoples steps…. Yellow is tipped to be a hot favourite colour this spring / summer (quite possibly because of a certain little film called La La Land?? ) and we have it covered.

It is the most uplifting shade in the spectrum and here is the perfect sunshine dress for when the weather warms up – Wigwam Print Shirt Dress (£35).

On a 70’s vibe and into our favourite wigwam pinafore culottes (£35), this dress is perfect for girls who like to cartwheel through life without showing their pants!

girls summer la la land yellow dress
Summer Pinafore Culotte Dress

Have a skip through our dresses and get ready for summer!

Denim Tencel Girls Summer Shirtdress

La La Land yellow dress girls summer


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